Hey dear visiting soul,

I am sitting here in my room listening to some Indie Music and contemplating my past months

and the months to come. I felt the impulse to start this blog but the inertia of things I still have to do was sitting in my back complaining about the idea and was making me aware of the time passing.

You know my life, in Berlin especially, is dense and very fast. I am grateful to grow constantly but there is somethig  I have never fully learned… TO ENJOY THE PASSING OF TIME.


Don´t ask me where, probably on „Goalcast“ or some other motavional speaker channel,

I listened to this „Someone Important“ – Guy saying, that this was his understanding of the meaning of life.

To be and enjoy the passing of time. Well it takes priviledge to have a regulated nervous system, especially in a capitalistic world. I come from trauma. My own and generational. But baby we are indeed healing that and I decided to take my inner child by the hand today and repeat with him that new mantra „I WILL REFRAME AND ENJOY THE PASSING OF TIME“, but while honoring its value, while using it and seizing it. Just reacting to live and sitting it out is not honoring that.


I am very aware that I am sitting at the end of a chapter and I know it will end spectacular!                        Some very exciting things happened and will happen this year.

… I just shared that a poem of mine will be published in an anthology of poems, by queer authors, this August and there many amazing creations and manifestations to come that I will be able to share soon.


Lets go enjoy the passing of time, by honoring time, filling it with meaningful manifestations while it passes us. Thanking Time for having held space for us.


Well  I am off to the next right task to do.

Love and Blessings to your journey!