Find your energetical blocks, spiritual alignment & reconnect to your inner child 

Reach a feeling of connection to yourself
– your full natural potential

b GGenAHey my friend,

I am
Ahmed Sadkhan,

Queer activist and life coach specialized on spiritual alignment and inner child work. To receive your highest potential inside, make space and reconnect to all parts INSIDE. About me: I could give you all kinds of labels that explain my multi-facetted insights into the challenges of being human.
Arab diaspora, generational overcoming, growing in Berlin, spiritual gifts, etc.

But why don’t you get to know me yourself?

Coaching Building Blocks

Personalized Coaching Session

Together we look at your goals, dissolve limiting beliefs that don´t serve you and develope a game plan to reach them.

Inner Child Meditation

With guided meditation and visualization exercises I help you reconnect to your inner child. A deeply healing reconnection.

The little one inside is waiting for you.



Aura blocks and Aligment

During sessions, with your permission I will tune into your energy and help you find blocks and understand them, honor them and release them to reach alignment.






Action is needed, yes,

but the most powerful way of building the life you want, is with clarity about what you want and need

and spiritual alignment to ALLOW IT TO COME TO YOU!

What do you really want? What is in your way? What is the next right step?  Ready for a transformation?

"Thank you Ahmed for guiding me, meeting the little me. It was a beautiful journey, I visualized her and was able to comfort her. Ahmed felt the energy and he saw it through, what was needed at the moment. I need this guidance and would like to continue working with you. Thank you for this gift, I am so grateful.

– Aldila S. [Supply Chain Specialist]

"My first coaching session was absolutely amazing, I realized things I wasn't looking at, things that were important and with his kind guidance started thinking that I need to focus on myself and inner being first. I'm looking forward to continue the coaching because I believe with your guidance I will go really far!"

– Maria Paula [Public Relations Specialist]

"After a good three months I am still super happy with the coaching! The sessions vary in terms of the topic and above all I have an 'aha' experience every time. I learn a lot, the work is (emotionally) intense, but it's really fun to get to know myself better this way. I feel my personal development and I am glad for the great support by Ahmed."

– Muriel [Entrepeneur]

"Ahmed Sadkhan has a genuine affinity for his work as a lifecoach and activist. I experienced his coaching session as an open space of trust. I'm excited about his skills and strengths. The coaching with Ahmed gives me access to new potential and flow in my life."

– Annina [Entrepeneur]

Live a life, closer to yourself.

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